About Bethlehem Community Centre Kenya

Bethlehem Community Centre in Kenya provides a home and education for children, aged 4 to 18, orphaned or destitute as a result of poverty, HIV/AIDS or conflict. It was founded by Pastor Mary Gakembu in 1990, with the first children’s home and primary school opened in the Soweto slums of Nairobi. Today BCC Kayole (in Soweto) is home to up to 90 vulnerable children and provides a pre-primary and primary school for up to 350 students. BCC also runs a second home in the rural town of Mwea, Kenya, where up to 70 orphaned and vulnerable children. At the Soweto centre, there is also a community library and a church.

Established in 1994, Bethlehem Community Centre  is focused on transforming the lives of children and bringing about solutions in combatting poverty within Kenyan communities.

BCC Africa in Kenya is registered under the Societies Act of the Laws of Kenya as a charitable Christian organisation. It is governed by a Kenyan Board.

At BCC Mwea, there is a home for 70 at risk and orphaned boys and girls who attend the local primary and secondary schools.

The BCC kids are aged from 5 to 18 years old. They share common stories of abandonment, abuse and loss before coming to BCC.

With guidance, compassion, counselling, love, acceptance and hope, hearts that once hurt begin to heal, smiles return to faces and laughter can be heard. Resilient and determined children find brothers and sisters. Home parents and the BCC team walk hand in hand, dedicated to seeing each boy and girl become all that they dream.

Bethlehem Community Centre also focuses its attentions on children who whilst living with family members, find it difficult to get the opportunities for a good education. The BCC Community Kids are often in desperate need, so providing assistance to children and their families is paramount to the aims of the organisation.