Who is BCC Africa Inc?

BCC Africa Inc. is an Incorporated Association registered in Queensland with incorporation number: IA39327 and ABN 48258146344

BCC Africa Inc. is focused on supporting the work of BCC Africa – Kenya and as such friends are passionately involved in fundraising and bringing awareness and education to Australians.

Where do donations go?

BCC Africa Inc. aims to provide the highest amount of funds to BCC Africa –Kenya. BCC Africa Inc. has a is voluntary board and as such the only funds retained by the organisation are those relating to bank charges, web hosting fees, and consultancy costs for marketing, promotions and other association endeavours to ensure that we maintain the highest of integrity in financial accountability. No more than 10% of donations are utilised in this regard. Should you like to volunteer in a particular endeavour, please contact us.

What does BCC Africa Inc. do with my personal information?

BCC Africa is committed to protecting your privacy. All information provided to us will remain confidential and protected within BCC Africa.  We use the information provided by you to process donations, provide receipts, manage donor and supporter history and keep you updated on the work we carry out in Kenya. At any time, should you desire to opt out of receiving communication from us, please contact us.

Does BCC Africa Inc. have child sponsorship?

No. We do not have a child sponsorship program. We have a BCC Africa Sponsorship program of $50 per month where funds are given to help with all the costs associated with supporting and educating each child, whether they are living at one of the centres in Soweto or Mwea or whether they are living with family and attending the BCC School as a day student.

Can I get a tax-deductible receipt?

Yes, you can. Tax deductible receipts for donations to the BCC Africa approved aid and development project will be issued by BCC Africa Inc.

Can I volunteer with BCC – Kenya or with BCC Africa Inc. – Australia?

You can apply to volunteer. We welcome volunteers who share our values and are like-minded in helping to bring about positive, lasting change to children, women, families and communities who live in poverty. It is our desire to work together to bring about long term, sustainable livelihoods. Contact us to begin the application process.