Merry Christmas

Hi all,

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Summer Newsletter

Wishing you a peace filled and happy Christmas and all the best for 2020.

Thank you very much for attending events, volunteering, making donations, encouraging us and just being there.

I’m pleased to attach our BCC Summer News – please take time to have a read and pass on to anyone you feel may be interested.

BCC Africa has much to be thankful in 2019
– over 1000 people attended events
– over 30 volunteers helped out
– we sent over $50,000 to Kenya – mainly for education but also for uniforms and school shoes, a bus trip for the children, firewood for cooking at Mwea, continued improvements on the study area at Mwea, soaps and detergents at Mwea, student transport costs, living costs, fees and equipment for those doing post high school studies.
– the children’s results have been very encouraging and they all seem to be happy and well cared for.

We have lots planned for 2020 starting with an African Dinner on Feb 29th. Follow us on FB -Friends of BCC Africa, Instagram- bccafrica, or so that you don’t miss anything.

Cheers ChrisB:)

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